QuickBooks is an efficient and reliable accounting software that is used by bookkeepers, accountants, and all types of businesses. This software is favorable for those people who have little knowledge of accounts. But when you use QuickBooks, a lot of error codes encounter from time to time while downloading payroll updates, making online transactions, tracking sales, and sending and receiving invoices. Keeping these things in mind, Intuit has launched QuickBooks Tool Hub Program so that you can eliminate these errors using this tool.

What is QuickBooks Tool Hub?

QuickBooks tool hub has been recently launched that consists of a collection of tools for removing errors in QuickBooks desktop. This tool is used to fix issues in QuickBooks like company files, network problems, passwords, installation, or program problems. This tool can be downloaded from the official website of Intuit.

Quickbooks Tool Hub - Screenshot
Quickbooks Tool Hub – Screenshot

What is the use of QuickBooks Tool Hub?

QuickBooks Tool Hub is used to resolve the following issues in QuickBooks:-

  • Company file issue: – QuickBooks Tool Hub has QuickBooks File Doctor Tool that is used to fix the issues with the company file. You are required to follow the onscreen instructions while using this tool.
  • Installation error: – Sometimes, when you try to install QuickBooks desktop, you fail to do so. In such cases, you are required to open the installation issue tab to resolve the installation issues. This tool will also be useful in uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks desktop.
  • Connection and network issues: – To fix connection and network issues, you are required to select the network issues tool.
  • Program problems: – You can fix program problems using Quick Fix My Program Tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub. You can also use the quick fix my program tool to fix typical PDF and Print difficulty.
Run Quick Fix My Program - Screenshot
Run Quick Fix My Program – Screenshot
  • Password Reset:- If you have forgotten your password and are facing login problems, you are required to use the password reset tab and follow onscreen instructions to fix the issue related to the password.

How to download and install the QuickBooks tool hub program?

You can download the QuickBooks tool hub from the official website of intuits. You can download this tool using the following steps.

  • First of all, you are required to download QuickBooks Tool Hub from intuit and save the file in the accessible location.
  • Thereafter, you have to launch the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to start the installation process.
QuickBooks File Doctor (QuickBooks Tool Hub) - Screenshot
QuickBooks Tool Hub – Screenshot
  • After that, click on the Next tab and then hit the Yes tab on Accept and Agree with Intuit’s license agreement. The next step is to opt for QuickBooks Tool Hub Destination Folder and then click on the Next tab.
  • After that, you are required to hit the Install tab to initiate the installation procedure.
  • Now, hit the Finish tab. On doing so, the QuickBooks Tool Hub will open.
QuickBooks Tools Hub - Screenshot
QuickBooks Tools Hub – Screenshot

What are the components of the QuickBooks tool hub program?

After installing the QuickBooks tool hub, you will see the following components inside this tool because the QuickBooks tool hub consists of several components that help you remove issues in QuickBooks.

  • Home: – The home screen includes the information related to the QuickBooks tool hub like which specific tool is used for which specific problems.
  • Company file issues: – This tool is used for fixing company-related issues. You can resolve company file-related problems by selecting this component and using run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • Network issues: – You are required to use the network issues component to fix network-related problems. To fix this issue, you have to hit the QuickBooks database server manager tab.
  • Program problems: – This component has a variety of options like quick fix my program, QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, and QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool.
  • Installation issues: – This component is used for fixing the issues related to the installation of QuickBooks desktop. On clicking on this component, you will get the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool and QuickBooks clean install tool.
  • Password reset: – This component is used without any sort of issue. The password reset tab is used to reset QuickBooks’ password.
  • Support: – This component consists of the options like message us, a smart look session, and visiting the site.
  • Advanced Tools: – This component is used to resolve a very common issue in the 6000 series in QuickBooks.


This blog has delivered enough information about QuickBooks Tool Hub. If you are tired of using multiple tools for fixing the issues in QuickBooks, you are highly recommended to download and install the QuickBooks tool hub program as this is the perfect tool to fix the errors occurring in QuickBooks. You can get multiple solutions for multiple errors under one roof through this tool.

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