QuickBooks offers an amazing tool that helps users in creating payroll computations with much ease. Getting a payroll subscription with QuickBooks software is highly beneficial for the employees in managing paychecks and focusing on various other aspects of the business. But there can be situations when the user might encounter certain errors while using payroll. If the user is getting an error message “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is Unavailable”, then the QuickBooks error code PS060 can be the reason. This error can be seen much more often while using the payroll service in QuickBooks.

If you are also facing QuickBooks payroll error PS060, then this article can be a savior for you. In today’s article, we will be discussing the relevant causes, as well as the quick fixes to the error code PS060. However, if you want an expert team to resolve the issue for you, then, in that case, you can simply chat with us, and our QuickBooks payroll support and certified professionals will help you in getting rid of the issue.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code PS060?

QuickBooks Error PS060 is a common error that accounting software users may receive. An error message “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is Unavailable” might pop up on the screen, disrupting the smooth working of payroll. Though this error is not very critical, it is not very easy to fix it either. Besides, you will not be able to access QuickBooks until you get this payroll error taken care of.

What leads to Payroll Error PS060

No single factor leads to this type of error, which means that there are more than one reasons that might end up causing QuickBooks error code PS060. In order to fix this error, it is necessary to know the root cause of this error. We have listed below the factors causing the QuickBooks error code PS060. Let us have a look:

Note: A major cause to trigger this error is settings with the expiry date. QuickBooks Payroll periodically checks the expiration date of the subscription by connecting to QuickBooks. Your billing information should be updated to keep accessing QuickBooks accounting software without any hassle.

  • This error may show up on the screen if Intuit’s server is down
  • Intuit doesn’t offer support for old versions of QuickBooks. This payroll error might also be seen, in the case of the old version of the payroll
  • There can be situations when the third-party security software might block QuickBooks
  • Malicious software such as Viruses and Malware may also cause Payroll Errors PS060

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How to resolve QuickBooks error code PS060?

If the error is caused by billing and subscription settings, you can follow the given steps to fix it:

Solution 1: Change billing and subscription settings

  • First of all, Open the My Account section
  • Select the company you want to make edits or modifications to
  • Go to the “billing section” and click on the Edit option
Change billing and subscription settings - Screenshot
  • Verify the information and make corrections and amendments
  • Click Save and close in order to update payment information
  • Check if billing details are correct by seeing a preview of the same
  • Finally, Save changes and log out

Solution 2: Wait for the server’s response

In case the error is caused due to a server issue of Intuit, then the user will be required to have some patience and wait until the website server of Intuit starts working once again.

Solution 3: Download and install the latest version of the software

Download QuickBooks desktop for Mac 2021 - Screenshot Image

The error code might also be caused due to outdated version of QuickBooks or payroll, then in that case the user is supposed to download and install the latest payroll as well as QuickBooks desktop software update.

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Solution 4: Check the settings of 3rd party software

If the reason behind the error is any sort of third-party application interference or any kind of malware infection, then, in that case, the user is supposed to get the entire ADPS scanned. The problem can also be resolved by customer support.

Solution 5: Check for connectivity issues

Check for connectivity issues - Screenshot

Check if your computer is connected to the internet. Internet connectivity issue is one of the most common causes behind the occurrence of this error. Speak to your internet service provider if it can’t be fixed on your end.

Solution 6: Clean junk files from Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options
  • Open Browsing History and click Delete in the General tab
  • Check on the boxes for Website Files and Temporary Internet Files
Cleaning system junk with Disk Cleanup - Screenshot
Cleaning system junk with Disk Cleanup – Screenshot
  • Press the Delete button and then OK to confirm

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Implementing any of the above-stated methods might help the users to fix QuickBooks Error Code PS060. However, if by any chance none of the methods work in your favor, then, in that case, the user can get in touch with our experts, or chat with our 24×7 QuickBooks error support experts team for quick and better solutions for the error.


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