QuickBooks is a software application built by Intuit. Just like his other software but this one is the best software & has great usage in an industry or an organization. It is widely used across the globe and many users have switched and enjoy working without having any stress. In this blog, we will discuss QuickBooks Error Code OL-332.

Why does QuickBooks Error Code OL-332 Appear?

QuickBooks Error Code OL-332 takes place when QuickBooks spots an invalid customer ID or Pin while trying to work with Online Banking solutions. Online banking does not enable the banking account can also be the major reason root cause of this error.

QuickBooks Error Code OL-332 caused due to dealing with online transactions & thus users may encounter such typical errors while this mechanism. In this blog, I am going to discuss this error’s possible causes with its troubleshooting.

You may see the following error message on your desktop screen:

QuickBooks Error Code OL-332 - Screenshot
QuickBooks Error Code OL-332

Cause of QuickBooks Error Code OL-332

At times, QuickBooks arises many errors which are faced by users while working time and they have no idea what to do in a such critical situation. These errors are technical in nature and they should be fixed at the present time otherwise after spending a long time, it is unable to get solved by the QuickBooks Help & Support team.

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Fixing QuickBooks Error Code OL-332

To resolve QuickBooks Error Code OL-332 there are two steps you need to do.

  1. First of all, call your bank to collect the essential information about the process of direct Online Banking from the client’s bank account.
  2. After this, confirm your client’s bank Customer Id details of the Bank account just to verify for the QuickBooks software application.

How to Verify the Account

The below-mentioned method discussed what steps we require to verify the account.

Step 1: Get enabled TLS 1.2 as a security protocol, if in case it is available

  • First, open an IE web browser 11.0 version & ensures that a user has upgraded to the new latest version of their systems.
  • Then click on the gear icon as labeled on the upper right section of an Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Now go to Internet Options > select an Advanced Tab.
  • Then scroll down into its Security section bar.
  • To do so, un-check the USE TLS 1.0 and put a check into USE TLS 1.2.
  • Click to apply to save all changes made by a user as recently then click on the OK button.
  • Close all open programs which you have opened now.
  • Restart your PC/Laptop.
  • If receiving the same error code or not fixed then go to solution-2.

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Step 2: Now make or create a new test company file.

  1. From a QuickBooks main file menu, choose the new company > then click on the tab to Express Start.
  2. In the given created new company file, add your bank account that has experienced a glitch. This requires setup your account for Bank feeds.
  3. Ready to download bank feed transactions to test your account? If yet errors are faced by the client, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Run your account to set up by using the Ctrl key suppressed

First Activate the lightning bolt that appears on the chart of accounts.

  • First back up your QuickBooks Company file.
  • Then need to check Inactive accounts in your QB file through which I have the lightning lock.
  • Go to the Company > select the Chart of accounts.
  • In the given chart of accounts section, put one checkmark on an include inactive dialog box. Then give a look into an inactive account that still has a lightning bolt.
  • Give one right-click on an account & then select Edit account settings.
  • Go to the Bank Feed settings option & then click on the deactivate all online services radio tab key button.
  • Click on Save & Close option.
  • Now close your company file and after a few seconds or a minute, reopen it.
  • Then run your bank feeds setup in as again & hold the Ctrl key each time with one click on any command. Just follow the instructions with one click on a command.

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Step 4: Create a New account that can Merge your Accounts

  • First, go to the section that is labeled as Chart of Accounts; give one right-click to the problem account column, then choose as to edit account tab.
  • A user requires highlighting an Account Name and then clicking on the Copy button.
  • At the end of the account section name, enter an asterisk (*).
  • Go to the Bank Feed Settings tab then click the Deactivate All your Online Services radio button which is in process.
  • Select the save options button & get to close.
  • Go to the Chart of Accounts and create a new account.
  • Paste the Account name without the asterisk (*).
  • Close and try to reopen the company file as again.
  • Go to Chart of Accounts, right-click the account with the asterisk, then select Edit Account.
  • Remove the asterisk and select Save & Close.
  • Click to yes, when it is prompted to merge the warning dialog box.
  • Set up an account for the Bank Feeds account.
  • Download transactions heading to the new merged account section.


We hope you found this article useful. To get further information about it, you can dial our helpline QuickBooks online support to get instant help with the best service. We are reliable and have great skills in rendering QB errors. Incredible support is offered by our Certified ProAdvisors in just a few minutes by accessing your device remotely.


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