Quick Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error Code OL 209

QuickBooks error code OL 209 is such a banking error that makes the user annoyed. So in this article, we are going discuss QuickBooks error code OL 209 so that you could get rid of this error using simple sets of steps.

QuickBooks is an efficient and time saver bookkeeping and accounting software that demands less human effort. Its main aim is to manage and generate payroll. Due to this feature online banking has been possible and you can perform online banking transactions, direct deposit salary to the employees and manage and maintain financial tasks in an organized manner anywhere and anytime. It is used all over the world by all financial institutions and businesses. But it is infamous for its technical glitches that pop up frequently while doing any activity on QuickBooks desktop.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code OL 209?

QuickBooks error code OL 209 is generally seen when you attempt to update your account to download new bank transactions into the QuickBooks software. This error is the result of a temporary bank server outage or a company file having data integrity issues. This error also occurs when your bank asks you to confirm your identity to access online services on QuickBooks desktop. It would be better to resolve this issue immediately but before troubleshooting this error, you should know the factors that are responsible for this error.

QuickBooks Error Code OL 209 - Screenshot
QuickBooks Error Code OL 209 – Screenshot

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code OL 209?

  • When the bank website or server is under maintenance, this error might pop up.
  • If the company file has a data integrity issue, this error can occur.
  • When QuickBooks is needed to be updated.

Some Important Tasks to be done Before Fixing QuickBooks Error Code OL 209

  • Making a backup of your company file
  • Update QuickBooks desktop

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The Best and Promising Troubleshooting Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Code OL 209

Method 1: Contact Your Bank or Financial Institution

First of all, you are highly recommended to contact your bank before implementing any troubleshooting methods because there might be a possibility that the bank is making some changes to its server or website. If they are going with the same, you should wait for 24-48 hours and if not so, you are suggested to go with the following methods.

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Method 2: Activate Security Protocol TLS 1.2

  • First of all, you are required to press Windows +R keys simultaneously to open the Run command.
  • Thereafter, type control in the search field and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, you are to select Network and Internet options and then choose Internet Options. After that, hit click on the Advanced tab and then scroll down to the Security Section.
  • Now, checkmark the Use TLS 1.2 and uncheck the Use TLS 1.0
  • At last, hit OK and Apply tab.
TLS Error Internet Options Setting tls - Screenshot
Fix QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Error – Screenshot

Method 3: Make a New Account and Merge it

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks Desktop and log into the company file.
  • After that, move to the List and select the Chart of Account option
  • Then, you have to right-click on the questioned account and hit the Edit Account option
  • Now, you are required to put ‘.old’ at the end of the account’s name
  • Next, Deactivate the Bank Feeds
  • At last, you have to hit the Save and Close tab.

Create a New Account

  • First of all, click on the Account tab and then choose New
  • After that, select the type of account and then hit the Continue option
  • Now, you have to give the same name as your existing account and hit Save and Close
  • Now, you are recommended to move back to the Chart of Accounts List and then make a right click on the account that has .old at the end of its name and select Edit Account.
  • Now, remove .old from the account name and hit the Save and Close tab.
  • At last, Reactivate the Bank Feeds.

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Method 4: Run Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

Run Verify Data Utility

  • First of all, open the QuickBooks Desktop and then move to the File Menu
  • Thereafter, select Utilities and then Verify Data
  • After that, you have to hit the OK tab to close all the opened windows
  • Now, hit OK if QuickBooks doesn’t find any issue with your data.
  • Click on the Rebuild tab if there is any issue with your data.
verify data utility - Screenshot
verify data utility – Screenshot

Run Rebuild Data Utility

  • At first, you are required to move to the File Menu and then select Utilities>>Rebuild Data.
  • In order to create a backup, you have to hit the OK and then the Save tab
  • As the rebuild completes, click on the View Result.
Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot


We hope that you found this article very useful and that you will have fixed QuickBooks error code OL 209 successfully. However, if you are still facing this error again and again even after implementing the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article, you are suggested to come in touch with our QuickBooks error support team as soon as possible.

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