QuickBooks accounting software is well known among small and mid-sized businesses as it has reliable features that help in running the business smoothly and conveniently. But sometimes, you have to face some errors which are tricky and complicated. QuickBooks error C 1327 is one of them which occurs while installing the QuickBooks application and may cause to damage the system. Therefore, this article is being written for detailed information about the QuickBooks error code C 1327.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code C 1327?

QuickBooks error c 1327 is an installation error. This error mainly occurs when you try to install the QuickBooks software application into your system. There are many drives in the system; you can find those drives by opening the My Computer or this PC. These drives usually represent the partition of the storage memory in the system.

QuickBooks Error Code C 1327 - Screenshot
QuickBooks Error Code C 1327 – Screenshot

All the system files and folders are generally stored in drive C. and this error pops up when the drive doesn’t work properly. When this error comes up an error message is displayed on the screen of your system “Error 1327 Invalid drive: F: /”. In such conditions, it is necessary to correct this error. But before removing it, you need to know its causes to make our solution easy.

What Causes QuickBooks Error C 1327?

  • When a certain registry key has a wrong incentive in the given data field.
  • When there is any problem with the drive.
  • In case of corruption in Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • When you try to install or backup a company file from the external data storage.
  • When there is an issue with the connection from the network drive or the external storage device.
  • The error c 1327 may trigger when there is no sufficient access permission for the user.

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Some Effective and the Promising Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C 1327

Method 1: Mending Registry Setting 

  • Firstly, you are required to create a Window Registry Backup. Now, press and hold the Windows+R keys together to open Run Window.
  • Thereafter, type in Regedit. in the search box and then click on the Run tab.
  • On doing so, you will access the Registry Editor Window.
  • Here, you need to go to the specific keys “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Current Version\Explorer\Shell Folders.
  • After that, search the entries list related to the drive letter mentioned in the error message.
  • Now, replace the incorrect drive letter with the Drive C:\.
  • After that, save the changes you have done and restart your computer and download the update again.
  • Once the above process ends up, reverse the changes you have made and reboot your system.
Change the System Registry - Screenshot

Method 2: Configure Microsoft .NET Framework

  • First of all, go to the Start button and type Control Panel in the search space, and double-click on it.
  • Now, look for Program Tab and select the Turn Window Feature On/Off option.
  • Thereafter, put your login credentials and then Confirm it.
  • Now, uncheck the box against Microsoft .NET Framework and restart your computer.
  • Last, you are recommended to go with the same steps given above and enable the Framework again by checking the box against Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Method 3: Deleting the Network Drive

  • First of all, hit the Window button and click on the Program option.
  • Thereafter, select Window Explorer from the list of programs.
  • After that, select the Tool tab from the given menu and click the Disconnect the Network Drive option, and then hit the OK option for confirmation.
  • Next, you need to go to the Tool Menu again and click on Map Network Drive.
  • Then, uncheck the Shell File option and type the correct path there, and then hit OK for confirmation.
  • And finally, reboot your device and re-install QuickBooks to resolve the QuickBooks error C 1327.
Deleting the Network Drive - Screenshot
Deleting the Network Drive – Screenshot

Method 4: Make Sure that Storage Device has a Proper Connection

Sometimes, the QuickBooks error C 1327 can be occurred due to poor connection. In that case, you are suggested to verify if the cables and other related things are connected properly to the computer. And also check that USB or Flash Drive functions and remains things are properly connected to the computer. Such type of improper connection may give rise to any error.

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Final Words!

Hopefully, the given solutions in this article must be helpful in fixing QuickBooks Error Code C 1327. Still, if you have any doubts or are unable to understand the issue, then you can contact us by filling out the form given on our website.

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