Troubleshooting Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15217

What is QuickBooks Error Code 15217?

QuickBooks is an application that is packed with advanced features and is being used at the global level. It is very popular among small business owners. It can be used by those people who have little knowledge of accounting. Despite having such features, the users encounter errors continuously due to some technical issues.

They have to face the QuickBooks error code 15217 while downloading and updating the latest version of the QuickBooks desktop. And you don’t need to worry as we will suggest you some promising and the best solutions to overcome this error. If any of these are not helping you then you can try another one. First of all, it’s good to know its causes before eliminating the QuickBooks error code 15217.

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What Lead to the QuickBooks Error Code 15217

  • When the firewall or antivirus blocks the installation of the new update file.
  • In the case of the old version of internet explorer.
  • Bad or poor connection to the internet.
  • When the internet explorer function no longer works to register a digital signature.
  • If the digital signature certificate is invalid, this may give rise to the QuickBooks error 15217.
  • In case of a corrupted or destroyed window file.
  • An incomplete installation of QuickBooks may be one of the reasons for this error.
  • There can be update issues if several versions of QuickBooks are installed on the same computer.

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Point to be Remembered Before Fixing the Error 15217

Here you are required to implement the following set of steps for creating a backup of the company file.

Create a Backup of a Company File.

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks and move to the File Menu. Thereafter, select the Backup Company option.
  • Here, a dialogue box will appear, so select Local Backup as the type of backup.
  • Then, select a location where the company file is to be saved and also give it a name.
  • Now, hit OK to start the backup process.
  • Once it’s done, you will get a copy of your company file that can be used to restore your data, if required.

The Best Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15217

Method 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the New Release

  • First of all, open QuickBooks and move to the Help Menu
  • Thereafter, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option and then click the Update Now option.
  • Then, select the Get Update option and you are also recommended to follow the instruction in order to install the updates.
  • As the installation process ends up, restart the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Then, close the window and reopen it.
  • Now, you are required to update the QuickBooks file by downloading and installing the latest release o QuickBooks from the intuit website.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot 1

Method 2: Add Intuit URL as Trusted Website 

  • First, launch Internet Explorer and then select the Tool Icons from the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Thereafter, select the Internet option by the following drop-down menu.
  • Now, hit the Security button and select the Trusted Site.
  • Then, move to the Site Section and add these sites according to the version
  • For US Version
  • *
  • *
  • For Canadian Version
  • *
  • *
  • Now, you are required to close the window and restart the QuickBooks desktop to ensure that error has been fixed now.
Adding Intuit as trusted site - Screenshot

Method 3: Turn Off Network Protection and Firewall Temporarily.

The function of the firewall is to protect the device against network-based threats. QuickBooks is also part of this network. You are recommended to turn off the network protection and the firewall temporarily. Follow these steps to avoid QuickBooks error code 15217.

  • Firstly, right-click the Start button and then select the Properties option.
  • Then, select the Setup option and then you have to select the Update and Security option from the drop-down menu.
  • After that select the Window Security option from the left pane and then click the Open Window Security option.
  • Now, you are requested to select Firewall and Network Protection under the window security.
  • And finally, Turn Off the Microsoft Defender Firewall with all types of networks by hitting on the Public, Private and Domain networks one by one.
Firewall and Network Protection - Screenshot


Hopefully, the above-given solutions must assist you in eradicating the QuickBooks error code 15217 as we have given our best to resolve your issues with this error by explaining the general information and its causes and solutions. Still, if you have any doubts regarding this error, contact us as soon as possible.

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