Simple Steps to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 1317

QuickBooks is known as one of the best accounting software available in the world. It is not only very simple and easy to use but also has powerful features which enable small and medium businesses in handling their accounting, sales, and finances effectively. With every version, the software becomes better and comes with many perks. But this cutting-edge software does at times have technical errors affecting the work of users. QuickBooks error code 1317 is a common issue often faced by users.

In this post, we will discuss this error code and know the possible causes as well as the solution to this error. If you need additional help & support related to this visit our QuickBooks Error Support page and get the information to fix QuickBooks Errors shortly.

Error Message You will get on your screen:

Error: “1317: An error occurred while creating directory [directory]”

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 1317?

The QuickBooks error 1317 generally happens due to some installation issue. It can occur when you try to make a directory in QuickBooks. There can be other causes for this error code like interference of the third party with QuickBooks, permission to access the software, unexpected changes in the windows registry, and more.

  • This error occurs when the ‘SYSTEM‘ account on the particular drive does have incorrect permissions.
  • The ‘SYSTEM‘ account allows ‘Visual Studio 2005‘ or ‘Visual Studio .NET‘ to have access to that drive.
QuickBooks Error Code 1317 - Screenshot
QuickBooks Error Code 1317 – Screenshot

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1317

Here are the ways you should fix the QuickBooks error 1317.

  1. First, you should reboot your system and then log in as the Administrator.
  2. For the program path browse your ‘C:\ drive’.
  3. Now right-click on the ‘Program Folder’.
  4. Now go to the option Sharing and Security or the ‘Properties’
  5. Hit the ‘Sharing tab
  6. After this select the ‘Permissions option‘ or the ‘Advanced Sharing‘ and followed by ‘Permissions’.
  7. Highlight ‘EVERYONE’ from the group or select the ‘User name‘ box or highlight it.
  8. Now click on the ‘Allow box‘ on the Full ‘Control Line‘.
  9. Choose the user name box or highlight the SYSTEM from the group. On the ‘Full Control Line‘ click on the ‘Allow box‘.
  10. After this go to the ‘Change Permissions‘ and then check on the box, Replace all child object permissions with ‘inheritable permissions‘ from this object.
  11. Now hit the ‘OK‘ tab.
  12. Click on the ‘Yes‘ option when you receive a message saying ‘Do you wish to continue?
  13. In order to ‘Save‘ the recent changes click on the ‘OK‘ tab.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily resolve the QuickBooks error code 1317. However, if the problem persists then seek assistance from QuickBooks Support experts.

Final Words!

In case the QuickBooks Error Code 1317 still exists, you can contact our 24×7 QuickBooks payroll support team. The experts will not only give you an instant solution but also guide you on how to avoid QuickBooks errors in the near future.


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