QuickBooks Error 1304 emerges when clients are attempting to install any programs or attempt to update QuickBooks. At the point when the errors happen when you need to get messages on your PC screen like “Error 1304 error writing to file QuickBooks” or “QuickBooks error 1304 composition to file “intuit.spc.map.cre.dl”“. Ensure that you have the position to sign in to the Company’s directory. This error is the kind of windows error. It additionally happens when you get issues or errors in the installation of the CD.

In this article, we will give the causes behind this error alongside the signs that you get while updating QuickBooks. We will likewise make reference to some most recent troubleshooting strategies to determine the QuickBooks Error 1304. QuickBooks error 1304 is one such error that happens while you attempt to install or update the QuickBooks application. It for the most part shows up with the CD drive or harmed Microsoft .NET Framework. There are different reasons also that might set off this error code. We have recorded all such reasons alongside the troubleshooting strategies in this blog.

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What Causes QuickBooks Installation Error 1304?

The following are the reasons that might keep you from introducing QB software or updating it to the latest release:

  • QB installer can’t peruse the establishment files from CD conveyed in the installation process.
  • Issues in the installation CD may likewise bring out QB error 1304.
  • A Damaged Microsoft .NET Framework can likewise deliver the error while updating QuickBooks.

Some Signs and Symptoms that Prompt on the Windows

  • At the point when this occurs, an error text shows up on your display, breaking the current window.
  • Moreover, the system becomes lazy, and the interface point gets no information input.
  • QuickBooks quits working accurately because of the issue, and you might not be able to complete your accounting tasks utilizing the program.
  • It causes due to the error code 1304 with QuickBooks interruption in QuickBooks installation.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1304

Step 1: Install QuickBooks from your computer’s local storage

  1. Put the CD inside the CD ROM of your PC.
  2. Hit Quit if the installation is automatically begun.
  3. Right-click anywhere on your desktop in the blank space, hover your mouse cursor at the New section, and select Folder.
  4. Enter QuickBooks as the name of the folder.
  5. Now open Windows File Explorer and double-click the CD drive.
  6. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files and then press Ctrl + C to copy.
  7. Navigate back to the QuickBooks folder that you have created on the desktop and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied files.
  8. After all the files are copied to the new folder, double-click the setup.exe file to start the installation.
  9. If you are still getting QuickBooks error 1304, then follow the next troubleshooting step for resolution.

Step 2: Share the CD-ROM from a different computer in the network

  1. Insert the QuickBooks installation CD into a different computer in the network.
  2. If installation begins automatically, click Quit on the installation window.
  3. Open Windows File Manager, right-click the CD-ROM, and select Sharing and Security.
  4. Checkmark the Share this Folder checkbox.
  5. Hit Apply and afterward OK.
  6. Right-click the My Computer icon, select Computer Name and hit Full Computer Name.
  7. Press Windows + R key on the PC where you want to install QuickBooks.
  8. Type \\(name of the computer having the QuickBooks CD).
  9. Hit Enter and double-click the letter of the drive that has the CD.
  10. Now double-click the setup file to start the installation.

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Step 3: Repair/Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

  1. Follow troubleshooting step 3 Repair Microsoft .NET Framework on Windows from our article on QuickBooks Error 61 for complete instructions on repairing .NET Framework.
  2. The error c = 1304 occurs in a damaged .NET framework. Now you’ll repair the framework. Follow Method 1: Repair Microsoft .Net Framework of the article How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 1603: Unable To Apply Patch to eliminate QB Error message 1304.

Step 4: Advanced Data Settings (Restore manually)

Assuming the past methodology comes up short, the client can attempt an elective choice, which is the Expert client goal. Coming up next are the stages worried in this strategy:

  1. Signing in as the framework administrator is the absolute initial segment of the technique.
  2. From that point onward, press the beginning key. Pick All Programs > System Tools > Accessories, then, at that point, Restore settings.
  3. In the developing box, the client should then pick the “Reestablish my PC to a prior mature” choice.
  4. Revamp Reduction from “On the rundown, select a modernize decrease list” to “On the rundown, click a modernize decrease rundown” and afterward “Next.”
  5. When the reclamation is ordinarily gotten done. Now you really want to restart the system.

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Step 5: Make Use of the Reimage Repair Tool

QuickBooks error 1304 might be generally checked, fixed, and distinguished with the reimage repair tool. Here is a bit-by-bit guide on using the Reimage repair tool to eliminate such serious shortcomings from the QuickBooks program.

  1. Clients should first essentially download the latest version of Reimage Repair Tool from their main website.
  2. To start the establishment strategy, find the ‘Setup File’ in the uploaded folder and double-tap.
  3. When you might start the scanning procedure after the completion of installation.
  4. At the point when the diagnostic strategy is finished, a popup will show a rundown of the multitude of issues and specialized troubles that might be making your framework break down.
  5. Select the “Start Repair” icon to amend comparative issues.
  6. Restart your PC after the repair method.

Step 6: Restore Your Computer System 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to rectify error 1304 with the help of restoring the computer system.

  1. First, Sign in by account of administration.
  2. Next, Hit start & Select All programs.
  3. Then, choose system tools &  accessories. 
  4. After that, Hit the system restore settings.
  5. Next, Select the option of restoring my PC to an earlier point.
  6. Then, Hit the list of modernized reductions & click next.
  7. At last, Restart your PC after completing of restoring process.

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Wrapping Up!

We accept that the techniques depicted in this blog assisted you with beating QuickBooks error 1304 easily. Investigating QuickBooks issue 1304 requires a careful comprehension of Windows and its components. In any case, by following the arrangements bit by bit users can rectify the issue effectively with practically no external assistance.


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