QuickBooks Desktop Pro is a robust accounting tool that can assist the users to boost the workflow. This software also helps to organize expenses, track business performance, create tax and sales reports and much more. Moreover, the software doesn’t require the user to be an accounting expert either. Though it’s an advanced software and incredibly user-friendly, but unfortunately it isn’t entirely free from errors. The updates and new versions of the software turn out to be really helpful in fixing various bugs and issues, but while downloading the updates also the user may receive some issues.

qb desktop 2019 update errors - screenshot

In this article, we will be discussing the quick fixes to the QuickBooks update pro errors that the user might encounter while performing the update process. However, you can also contact our QuickBooks error support team, in order to get help from accounting experts to save your time and effort.

The user might encounter the following error messages while updating the QuickBooks desktop 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023:

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What can cause QuickBooks desktop pro update errors?

  • One of the most common reasons why these errors appear while downloading updates is the firewall or anti-virus that blocks the computer from installing QuickBooks updates
  • In case the Internet connection is slow, the user might end up in encountering QuickBooks update errors
  • Multiple instances of QuickBooks on the same computer might also turn out to these type of errors

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Pro Update Errors?

There are a couple of ways to fix QuickBooks desktop Pro 2019 updates errors.

Solution 1: Configure your system’s firewall system/ antivirus

There are two ways to configure your system’s firewall:

Automatic way:

Manual way:

Obtaining the dynamic port number for QuickBooks desktop:

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Port monitor tab - Screenshot
  • The user is also required to note the Port Number, as that will be used for firewall port exception

Add Firewall port exception for QuickBooks:

For the ones who have multiple year versions of QuickBooks desktop, they should do the following for each year version.

  • First of all, the user is required to open Windows Firewall from the windows search bar
  • After that hit Advanced Settings
  • Moving ahead, right-click Inbound Rules and select New Rule
Add Firewall port exception for QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot
  • And then, opt for the Port, followed by clicking on Next
  • The user must select TCP. Enter the particular ports required for your QuickBooks year version and select Next button
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2019: 8019, XXXXX. (XXXXX represents the assigned port number found in Database Server Manager of QuickBooks)
    • QB Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382
    • QB Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
    • QB Desktop 2016: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
  • Click “Allow the Connection” and hit Next button
  • If you receive a prompt, verify that all profiles are marked and then select Next
  • Give a name to the rule, for example, QBPorts (year). Click on Finish
  • Repeat the above-given steps for the Outbound Rules (for step 3, you’ve to choose Outbound Rules rather than Inbound). Make an attempt to open QuickBooks desktop again in multi-user mode. You can also try over your network to check if the issue has been fixed

If you’re receiving errors or issues with connectivity, you shall create exceptions to programs QuickBooks uses in Windows Firewall.

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Solution 2: Consult with your IT professional

Perform this step only if you are aware of the process and steps of configuring firewall, antivirus and other third party programs. If you require assistance for this, you can consult with our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors or talk to your IT professional.

Sometimes default setting of systems and antivirus security which is set by the user for Internet security and firewall may stop and prevent the QuickBooks or other important components from downloading the updates as they might consider them as a threat or malicious file. So here, you need to recheck your settings and validate that is not the case.

What steps you should take for this?

  1. You need to verify the configuration of your Internet security and personal firewall software settings
  2. Ensure that the Ports 80 and Port 443 must be enabled, and the access must be provided to the following files

Important: If all these ports are used by some other processes (which is not very likely), the QuickBooks Database server manager utilizes a fallback port, 56719.

Solution 3: Manually download and install the updates

You have two option to download and install the updates in QuickBooks desktop 2021.

Download from the Internet:

  • Open the Downloads & Updates page.
  • Go to Select Product drop-down and select your QuickBooks Pro
  • Select the right version or year from the Select Version pop-down
  • Now Select Search
  • Select “Get the latest updates” and then click on Save or Save File to download the update
How to update quickbooks - Ultra light Patch (Screenshot)
  • After the download is over, double-click on install the update
  • Restart system after the installation is complete

If you have to manually install updates across your network, here is how you can do that:

Option A: Use another computer to access the install file on your computer.

Option B: Copy (CTRL+C keys) the install file to a flash drive and then to another computer.

Download and install a manual update from here

Download from within QuickBooks Desktop:

  • In File menu, select Close Company/Logoff. (If you open more than one company file in QuickBooks Desktop, do this step for every company that is open.)
  • Return to the File menu and click Exit
  • Select QuickBooks icon on your desktop and do a right click, now click Run as administrator
  • While you are on the No Company Open screen, open Help menu and select Update QuickBooks
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot 1
  • Go to the Options button and select Mark All and then click on Save
  • Tap on Update Now and then check the Reset Update box
  • Click Get Updates button
How to update quickbooks - Automatic update (Screenshot)
  • After you receive “Update Complete” on your screen, close QuickBooks Desktop
  • Reopen QuickBooks Desktop and if prompted to get the message to install updates, click Yes
  • After the installation is over, restart your computer

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The above-mentioned steps shall help the users to fix QuickBooks desktop pro update errors. However, if you have any query or you require any suggestion, you can chat with our QuickBooks help & support team for quick and precise solutions. Our team will provide you with the best possible information related to any kind of QB associated issue.


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