QuickBooks Banking Errors 103 and 310 are very common QuickBooks errors. The banking error 103 means that the login credentials that have been entered in QuickBooks Online are not accepted by the financial institution’s website. While error 310 is when the login request is stopped till the users update the sign-in information in QuickBooks Online so that the bank cannot lock the account access.

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Fixing QuickBooks Banking Errors 103 and 310

Below is the solution steps for QuickBooks Banking errors 103 and 310. Follow every step in serial in order to resolve these errors in a systematic way.

Solution 1:

  1. First, click on the Verify your Credentials link which is shown within the error message. In a different window will open for the bank’s website where users can re-enter their login credentials. Do not auto-fill the entries, instead, manually type the username and password.
  2. Then log out of the bank’s website.
  3. After this come back to QuickBooks Error 106, 168, or 324 and again enter the same username as well as password in the same format needed in the bank.
  4. Now Click on Update Sign-in Info.

Note: In case the users cannot see the link to verify their Credentials, then try updating the account within QuickBooks Online.

  • In the upper right corner,
  • Click on the Update button.
  • Run at least three updates during the non-peak hours.
  1. Users should make sure that they are connected to the correct URL of the bank account otherwise when they click on Verify your Credentials link the bank website might not come or they will not be able to successfully log into their account. The users can also try to verify the bank connection by finding the bank’s login web page URL or the URL after they log into their bank accounts.
  1. Try finding the bank using the URL used outside of QuickBooks Online so as to log in to the bank account and once you get it copies it.
    • In case users are not successful, they can find the banks using the URL after having logged into their account. However, a few extensions like the slash (/) need to be removed from the URL. This will help in finding the correct website.

Solution 2:

Important: To solve QuickBooks Banking Errors 103 and 310, users should verify if the username and the password that they are using are accepted by the bank website.

Follow these given steps:

  1. From the left menu select Banking.
  2. Click on the Pencil icon for the account.
  3. Click on the Edit Sign-in info.
  4. Then click on the hyperlink for the bank’s website which is at the top of the
  5. After this, a new window will open for the bank’s website. Users should ensure that they are able to access their accounts via this site and they also have to confirm that they can find account details without any error.

Note: In case the login information is accepted then the account needs to be manually updated. If the problem still persists and error 103 and 310 doesn’t get fixed seek help from customer care using the below-mentioned information.

  • Name of the financial institution being used.
  • The bank name that is being selected during the set-up of the account.
  • The website link that is used to connect to the user’s bank outside of QuickBooks Online and once successfully logged in the URL of that.
  • The type of account being connected to like business, personal, cash, management, etc.
  • The error code which is being displayed: is 103 or 310.

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More Information

Many of the banks need the users to sign in with special access instead of the common password. In that case, users should check with their respective banks if they are using the right credential. In case the issue is not solved then seek help from customer care service providers.

For US only: Key Bank Customers

In case users get these errors, they have to log into the account from the bank’s site and ensure that the option to allow a third party is selected.

(Self-Service Tab > Security Center)

Key Bank accounts may also have the following path to allow third-party access: login > User Profile > Third Party Access > select the phone to authenticate (MFA)

Final Words!

These steps help you to connect and disconnect the required number of bank accounts with QuickBooks. However, if you still have any problems or have any queries related to QuickBooks banking errors 103 and 310, you can contact our QuickBooks online support team. Our support lines remain active 24/7 to help you.

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