Prepare QuickBooks data files backups to Survive a Computer Crash

A computer crash occurs when a software or operating system or any other computer program stops working and exits. It’s better to be prepared for such crashes as there isn’t any complete and foolproof mechanism to prevent them. A system crash or hard drive fail is an intimidating issue for QuickBooks users too. Knowing that you lost all your data can be an irreparable loss. One computer crash and you may lose your essential documents, emails, contacts, user profile, password, bookmarks and more. This blog post is aimed to prepare you well to cope up with such unpleasant and unwanted moments. With the right preparations, you can overcome even the worst conditions. Here is how you can ready for prepare QuickBooks data files backups to survive a Computer crash.

Steps to Prepare QuickBooks data Files Backups of Your Data Files

You must always create copies of all your essential files and store them in one or more locations to not lose them. This is the thumb rule to safeguard your backups. Virus and other malicious software affect computer data, and thus most people save data flash drive or CD. You should be aware of such unwanted items that may harm your computer or data by regularly making the backups of your company file. This step would ensure the security of your essential data.

Create Backups Periodically

You should consider creating the backups of your data and files periodically. Now if you ask how often, then there is no particular answer to it. This depends on the sort of work you perform on your computer. For instance, a writer should consider creating backups of his work once or twice in a month. It professionals can create the backup of their work every week. Business owners or curators can perform daily or weekly backups depending on the quantity of the data to be secured.

Hire IT Professional

You can hire IT professional to safeguard your vital data. They make sure that the networks your computer and other devices are connected to are safe. By making sure that your anti-virus and other safety feature are updated and working appropriately they leave almost no scope for malicious software to harm your data. Also, they make sure that your systems receive a permanent supply of power so that you don’t lose your system data if the power goes off.

Create and store backups like a pro

  • Many of us keep wondering that how often we should create backups for our system data and where to store them. Now, creating backups is also no easy task, and many of us may find taxing. There is one very simple answer to all such questions and doubts – create backups as often as possible. You can create keep on creating daily, weekly or monthly backups depending on the requirement of your work and dependency on your computer data. But make sure that you don’t keep postponing it.
  • Flash drives, CDs, and external hard drives are among the best tools to store the backups. You can also save your data on NAS or cloud store. External may have large space to accommodate your data, but they are not very portable. Thus you should always handle such tools with care.
  • NAS (Network Attached System) is like a system with similar costs and requirements. It needs to be configured to not be accessible directly from a system as a system drive. This is an excellent choice, but it may be very expensive.

Save time by moving your data on cloud

  • Keeping our essential data in the cloud is presently the most popular and affordable solution to keep your data from being lost. Storing your data real time in the cloud is very simple.
  • However, if you are making a backup with a cloud, you should ensure that no one else has access to it and its safe. Cloud backups are located on your network, and thus you should use it carefully.
  • This is also convenient for QuickBooks users as moving QuickBooks data to cloud is also very easy. In case you don’t have IT support and some file crashes, you can easily move the data to a cloud.
  • Cloud Save your Data – is a major feature of cloud hosting providers and it monitors and safeguards data of the users using standard security. Moving data to cloud is simple and saves you a significant amount of time.
  • We discuss here many ways to secure data and recover from a computer crash.

We hope that you find this article helpful regarding prepare quickbooks data files backups. If you still have any doubt or you need assistance in protecting your essential data you can write to us or reach us via chat. Our QuickBooks data recovery team will provide you the right tips & solutions to save your important data files from being damaged or lost.


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