QuickBooks is very reliable software for both medium and small sized businesses. It is available in various versions and caters to almost all the needs of such businesses. The software is quite easy to start and provides tech support for many issues. In this article, we will discuss how a user can navigate QuickBooks accounting software in a faster way. QuickBooks navigation helps a user to identify where he/she can use QuickBooks.

Software like QuickBooks is quite easy to use. User can easily understand where he can create invoices and receipts. You get to know where the company information can be found and how you can work on company settings. As you know the location of everything in QuickBooks, you can be assured that you can now work efficiently and quickly.

9 Easy Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks Accounting Software

Here are the nine steps that can aid in your learning QuickBooks Navigation:

1. Dashboard

As you login to QuickBooks, you will land on to the Dashboard which is available on the top of Navigation Bar (on the left). This dashboard gives a complete and quick review of how your business is doing. The information provided here is quite useful to the users. To read the information about your business, you can click on the Dashboard.

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 1

2. Profit & loss

QuickBooks displays most of the information on the dashboard which includes:

  • Amount spent
  • Sales Summary
  • When account is connected to QuickBooks, transaction can be downloaded.
  • Check bank balance everyday
  • Check overdue reports of clients
  • Easy to understand with profit and loss
Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 2

3. Creating First invoices

You can create your first invoices using the below steps:

  • Click on Invoices tab and hit the blue button for New Invoice
  • Put all the information of the client. Click on Save a Customer. All the saved customers will be displayed in the drop-down menu. While creating invoices, when you will choose one, the details will be auto filled.
  • Enter the details of the product, its amount and choose the tax percentage to be excluded or included.
  • You can choose the option invoices as per your convenience. These invoice options include a currency and total gross area net.
  • You also have an option to add special conditions like payment on delivery.
  • Now Save when you feel that it is ready.
Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 3

4. Add with the Plus Menu

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks - Img Four

With the Plus menu, you have an option to add a new thing:

  • You can create customers
  • Add Transactions
  • Add Vendors
  • Creates Sales receipts and invoices

Along with all these, you can create estimates, save time by scheduling and manage your bills.

5. Use the Search bar

Click on search and find what you have saved earlier. You can put the cheque number or cheque date to find the cheques as well.

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 4

6. The Left navigation Bar

In this navigation bar, you have plenty of options. You can check your customer report under invoicing and the product you are selling.

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 5

7. Reports

Reports option is available on the left navigation bar under the Invoices. This will take you to the QuickBooks reports.

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 6

8. Gear Menu

As the name suggests, this icon is quite useful to the users. Giving useful information about the company settings and profile information, it helps to manage everything.

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 7

Users make changes to the chart of accounts.

9. Advanced Accounting Tools

In this tab, you can see the accounting tools like,

Steps to Learn How to Navigate QuickBooks 8

I hope that all the nine navigation steps give above might be helpful to you to navigate QuickBooks accounting software. In case, you have any question or queries related to QuickBooks Desktop Version 2019 or the previous QB versions, you can contact our experts on QuickBooks Support team. Our experts are always ready to help you for your every accounting problem.


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