All that you need to know about Installation of Multiple version of QuickBooks Desktop in One Computer

QuickBooks, the avant-garde accounting and payroll software has benefited small and medium businesses all over the world. This software comes with powerful features and also provides various facilities like you can run and install multiple versions of the QB Desktop and edition of QuickBooks in the same desktop. That means different versions of the application can be opened at the same time while different editions should be opened one at a time. In this article we have explained the procedure about how can a user Install Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Versions on One Computer.


  • Edition- An edition is basically a set of features that are included in a product. Example: Pro, Premier and Enterprise.
  • Version- A version is numeric symbolization of a product when it is released. Examples: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 22.0, QuickBooks Desktop 2022.
  • Flavor: A flavour denotes industry specific set of sub features of any product. For example: Non-Profit, Retail, Contractor

Note the below mentioned points before you install multiple product installations

  1. In the same computer multiple version of QuickBooks can reside.
  2. Only one flavor can be installed for per Premier or Enterprise version of QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Do note that you can take QuickBooks Desktop Edition as a flavor of premier desktop. And also you can adjust the Accountant edition with any other flavor of Pro or Premier Desktop.
  3. The best thing is that if you are using multiple versions like QB Desktop 2017 and 2018 version can be used at the same time. In case, you are using QuickBooks premier 2018 then you require to open QB Premier 2017. So that you do not need to close Premier 2018 prior to opening Premier 2017.
  4. When it comes to edition only one QuickBooks edition like that of QB Premier and Enterprise can be used at one time. So, when you have to work on QuickBooks Premier 2018 and get the need to open QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0, then QuickBooks Premier should be closed before opening QB.
  5. Ensure that you do not install multiple regions of QuickBooks Desktop in the same computer.
    • It is suggested that you make use of a web hosting service or virtual system to create an environment for each of the part of QuickBooks Desktop that you plan to run as compared to your own region.
    • The data files are absolutely impossible to share between QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and other QuickBooks Desktop versions or between different year versions.


  • In case you use Premier normally and if you want to try Desktop Enterprise, opening the premier data file in the Desktop Enterprise can affect irreversibly. So, you should not use the premier.
  • In case, you want to try out some other edition then you have to first open a file sample in the edition you want to use instead of opening the company file.
  • If you wish to open QuickBooks Premier 2017 data file in the QB Premier 2018, then QuickBooks updates that file so that it cannot be used in the Premier 2017.
  • Note that steps to install the manual update are always different. So, if you wish to update QuickBooks through the manual update you will be asked to choose the edition for an update especially when more than one edition installed.

Steps to Install Multiple Versions of QuickBooks Desktop in One Computer

First install multiple QuickBooks Desktop versions on one computer by using various installation folders.

  1. First thing to do is launch the downloaded version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Now change the location of the installation.
    • Choose Custom and Network Options and then tap on Next.
    • Now select the installation option you would prefer and then click on Next.
    • The Upgrade or Change Installation Location will appear. And then select on the first option to change the location of the installation.
  3. Now click on Browse or Change if you wish to manually choose different installation folders.
  4. After this click on Next to continue.
  5. You will be give instructions, follow them and then complete the installation.
  6. You can also make use of the desktop shortcut which is created for the version you installed in the system in order to open the version.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you find this article helpful. If these quick steps does not work for you to install multiple QuickBooks versions in one computer, then you can seek assistance from our QuickBooks help and support team. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable to handle and fix all type of QuickBooks related issues in very short time of period.


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