In this article, we will discuss about a critical QuickBooks error that is – “QuickBooks Error Code 1606: Could Not Access Network Location”. While QuickBooks desktop installation, you may encounter the QuickBooks error warning message as shown below, it could be possible that the Windows user account in use is damaged or if unavailable network is listed in the error:

“Error 1606: Could not access network location”

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error code 1606

To resolve the problem, pursue the solutions in the sequence given below. Or to save time & efforts, you can also get in touch with the QuickBooks Error Support team instantly.

Solution 1: Install the QuickBooks using the Administrator Account

This account is generally managed by the system technician or company owner.

  • Restart the computer
  • Use the username & password of Windows Administrator to sign in the system.
Run as administrator - Screenshot

Solution 2: Install the QuickBooks in selective startup

Here’s we are letting you know how to start the computer in Selective Startup:-

  • Press the Windows + R key simultaneously on the keyboard to open the Run command.
  • Type-in the msconfig. Then, choose the OK Icon
  • Go to the General tab; choose the Selective startup & Load system services.
  • In the Services tab, choose the Hide all Microsoft Services option.
  • Choose the Disable all icon.
Installation of the QuickBooks in selective start up - Screenshot
  1. Unmarked the Hide all Microsoft Services checkbox.
  2. Verify the services list; make sure that the Windows Installer checkbox is chosen. If not, then mark it. Then choose the OK icon.
  3. Go to the System Configuration window and choose the Restart tab.

Note: Once the PC turn-on, you can install, uninstall, or reinstall QuickBooks application using clean install.

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Solution 3: Install the QuickBooks using a new Windows Administrator

  • With the help of Admin rights, create a new Windows user.
  • Later, Install the QuickBooks application.

Solution 4: If using QuickBooks Desktop in Windows 7 installed in Parallels

  • Sign out the parallel
  • Log back into the system
  • Go to the parallel Desktop, choose the Devices icon & hit onto the Shared Folders tab
  • Choose the Disconnect All option (Later log out of the parallel)
  • Sign back in & install the QuickBooks Desktop application

Solution 5: Resolve wrong registry subkey

This procedure is intended for a system administrator. This process includes editing the registry, which, if not done correctly could result in serious damage to your device. To make the settings correct, call to the system or network administrator, computer consultant, or Microsoft support.

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