Small firms in recent years have greatly improved their financial and other organizational efficiency, mainly owing to QuickBooks. One of the top accounting software now on the market is QuickBooks. The way accounting is done has completely changed as a result. This state-of-the-art software has incredible capabilities that not only simplify bookkeeping and payroll but also guarantee businesses run smoothly.

Few advantage of QuickBooks 2020 to run your business more swiftly

In this article we will discuss how QuickBooks desktop 2020 helps a business to grow. Keep an eye on this blog and know all the facts which can be helpful to grow your business.

1. Invoice Customers

Invoice Customers - Screenshot

Invoice is basically is a list of products or items along with their cost and it is provided to the customer as a receipt to the money owed by them. In this software you will be able to learn how to properly make an invoice for customers which will decrease the account receivable and increase the cash flow.

2. Control Cash Flow

Control Cash Flow - Screenshot

QuickBooks is an excellent application to manage the flow of cash. Nowadays many people use latest version of QuickBooks i.e QuickBooks Desktop 2021 instead of online banking. However, you have to keep the QuickBooks file updated and after this you can manage cash flow by determining the break-even point. Even the cash flow worksheet helps in controlling cash flow.

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3. Manage bills and account Payables

Manage bills and account Payables - Screenshot

The function of enter bills and pay bills in QuickBooks pretty simple. Moreover paying bills on QuickBooks through online bill pay or printing cheques decreases the hassle of unnecessary data entry and also induces productivity more efficiently.

4. Journal Entries

Journal Entries - Screenshot

The Journal entry is basically a record which ensures that the accounting transactions are in sequence. It is also essential to fix issues or create year-end entries per your CPA to keep it in sync with your tax return.

5. Memorized Transaction

Memorized Transaction - Screenshot

The memorized transaction is actually a template which is put to use to speed up the data entry process. This feature is put to use for entering automatic transactions that happen on a regular basis and it consists of journal entries, payments and invoice bills. Moreover the memorized transaction boosts the efficient and also automatically enters few items.

6. Online Banking

Online Banking - Screenshot

You have to set up QuickBooks Account for online banking. In order to tackle the extra hassle of date entry you can easily make use of the major financial institutions data downloads in QuickBooks.

7. Printing Cheques

Printing Cheques - Screenshot

The printing cheques are a great feature to keep the cash flow updated and also enhance the efficiency. As the cheque will not be of no use until a person deposits in the bank, so ensure that you include cash flow analysis. This feature also removes all the unnecessary data entry.

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8. The Payroll Management

The Payroll Management - Screenshot

Payroll is basically associated with the payment made to the employees. The payroll management plays a pivotal role in every organization. However, these days many companies outsource the payroll to avoid liability. But QuickBooks is an effective application to process payroll.

9. Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting - Screenshot

The financial reporting is an important task of bookkeeping process especially for small businesses. It is important to run and analyze the financial reports so as to ensure bookkeeping is performing in its full capacity.

10. Custom Importing

Custom Importing - Screenshot

In QuickBooks Desktop you have the option of import capabilities in comparison to your financial institution. Also in this feature you can make use of ‘CS V’ converter in QuickBooks so as to make your data importable. In order to create IIF files you might have to seek developer data.

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One of the best pieces of software that may assist a company in succeeding is QuickBooks. The best part is that Intuit releases a new edition of QuickBooks every year that includes new and enhanced features that make accounting simpler. Additionally, users may quickly access QB Support services and get any issues resolved via phone or remote access.

Thanks to its remarkable features, QuickBooks is bringing businesses to new heights. To handle all of your accounting, you can also engage an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor or Accountant.


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