QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software used all over the world. From small and medium businesses to accountants to individuals this advantageous software is being used by all. QuickBooks not only makes accounting and payroll easier, in fact it helps in managing finances and sales, tracking expenses, and inventory etc. Most organizations using this software have been highly benefited.

What is Error – “Cannot Open QuickBooks Company File”?

QuickBooks may come with many great features and perks but often users face errors too. However, like every good software this software also prone to few technical errors sometimes. A very common issue is “Cannot open QuickBooks company file”.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about the possible reasons behind this problem with its solution steps. However, if you need any further information related to QuickBooks, you can chat with us and get instant help for QuickBooks software. Let’s start with the causes behind to this error.

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What causes error this error?

This issue can affect the business operations of any organization, but it can be easily solved. Some of the common reasons behind not being able to open QuickBooks company file are listed below.

  • When the company file was used for the last time it was damaged.
  • Due to corrupt hard drive file storage, the company file is damaged
  • Problems with the location and extension of the file.
  • A conflicting *QBW.tlg.file
  • You might using a older version of QuickBooks software to open the files.
  • There might be some issues with reports in your file.
  • You may face issues such as QuickBooks error 3371, Error H505, -6000 series errors, unrecoverable error, login company file failed error and C=XXX error messages.

Important steps before you start troubleshooting

  • Before to troubleshoot the company file, ensure the concern is related to the company file as opposed to the program itself. Make certain that QuickBooks is updated to the latest release version.
  • Now Press and also hold the Ctrl key while double clicking the QuickBooks Desktop icon.

Keep in mind: Do hold of the Ctrl key up until you have the No Company Open window in QuickBooks.

If the program fails to open while holding the Ctrl key, see QuickBooks Desktop does not begin for steps to resolve, as the following with will certainly not aid.

  • If the program does open up, proceed below.
  • Verify that only one computer is hosting your company file. Turn off hosting in all computer systems other than the web server.
  • From the QuickBooks File menu, select Utilities.
  • Click Stop hosting multi-user access.
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
Stop Hosting Multi User Access – Screenshot

Important Note: If you see anything other than Stop hosting multi-user access, it suggest hosting is currently switched off on that computer.

  • Once you confirm that hosting is disabled, proceed below.
  • Make sure that your QuickBooks Desktop Program is not damaged.
  • Open a sample company file and if you get an error, continue to fixing QuickBooks desktop installation.
  • To resolve your problem, let’s continue with the below given technical steps.

How to Fix Error : Cannot open QuickBooks Company file?

Below are the few basic solutions to the problem:

Solution 1: Rename TLG and ND Files

Rename .ND and .TLG files- screenshot
  • Open the company file from the place it has been saved.
  • Now right-click on the transaction log file and now change its name to OLD.qbw.TLG. This file has the same name as that of the company file with a TLG file extension.
  • After this open the company file and automatically QuickBooks will create a .TLG and ND files.

Solution 2: Open the file directly from QuickBooks

  • First click on the No Company open window and then choose the company file.
  • After this press and hold ALT key and then click open.

In case the company file open with any issues then follow these steps.

  • Click on the Edit Menu and then on preference.
  • Once done click Desktop View and then select Don’t save the desktop.
  • Finally click OK button.

Solution 3: Check properties and file extension

  • First thing to do is open the folder where company file is saved.
  • Then right-click on the company file and then choose the properties.
  • Ensure that the type of file is company file and its size is at least 7 MB.
  • After this select on Advanced and do ensure that all the boxes for compress and Encrypt attributed are unchecked.
  • Finally select OK.

Solution 4: Copy file to a new location

  • First thing to do is create a new folder in ‘C’ Drive.
  • Then open the folder where the company file is stored.
  • Now Press and hold Ctrl Key and then choose the company file along with the corresponding TLG of your company file.
  • After this right-click and then choose copy.
  • Now open the newly created folder and right-click and choose paste option.

Solution 5: Troubleshoot QuickBooks installation

Solution 6: Rename the company file

  • First open the folder where you have saved the company file.
  • Right-click on the file and then click rename.
  • Then replace the name of the file to something which has only 3 letters.
  • In case the TLG is available then change its name as well.

Solution 7: Open the company file from Search option

  • Firstly, click open or restore the company, from the QuickBooks File menu
  • Now hit on click to check the radio button for the type of file that you are trying to open.
  • Find the location of the file and select the file
  • Finally click on open.

I hope the above given troubleshooting steps would have helped you in fixing cannot open QuickBooks company file. If you are still encountering the same issue or facing any other type of concern associated to QuickBooks, then you can take help from from our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team.


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